3 Day Air Deal for Reno

3 Day Air Deal for Reno

Yes, people still love to go to Reno! And why wouldn’t they with fares starting at $85ea way (from Portland), that’s a great deal to get out of town. Hurry and contact Childs Travel for details on this offer.

Here’s a little history on Reno:

Wherever there is a chance, somebody will chance it. Wherever there is a risk, somebody will risk it. Wherever there is a way to win, somebody will attempt it. In Nevada, you can bet on it. We’be been betting here in Nevada for as long as anyone can remember.

Long before there was a town called Reno, the Washoe, Paiute and Shoshone tribes who camped along the Truckee River liked to bet on games and contests when they gathered for festivals and ceremonies.

In hopes of striking it rich in the Silver State, a flood of would-be gold miners poured in after the discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859. Lake Tahoe soon became the center of a lively commerce for the wood needed to supply the mines, the new boomtowns and the railroad.

Gambling was legal in Nevada until 1910, when the “Progressives” group succeeded in getting it banned. From there, gambling went underground, using cigar stores as fronts for operations.

In 1931, gambling was legalized again in the hope that it would help boost the economy during the depression. In the years since, the great quality of life in the Truckee Meadows has attracted other businesses, such as Microsoft Licensing, Intuit, Amazon.com, Starbucks Roasting Plant, John Deere & Company and Kal Kan.

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