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Childs Travel

Childs Travel has been providing full-service corporate and personal travel expertise both locally and globally for over 10 years. We offer personalized travel management services and exceptional service from experienced specialists.

But Why Use a Travel Agent?

Your travel agent brings you destination expertise, discounted hotel rates & airfares, all-in-one package deals, exclusive specials, promotions, and most importantly experience that you won’t get from some big box store with outsourced customer service reps that may not even be certified travel agents.  Helping you determine your budget and distilling your options is only one of the few things we do to make your experience better… “Because Travel Matters”

Think a travel agent is too expensive?  Think again. Rather than paying more for your vacation, you are likely to pay less and get more.  A good travel agent is your advocate and puts your interests first.  Many travel sites guide you to travel that benefit their bottom line.  At Childs Travel, we are delighted to lay out all the options that best suites our clients needs to find you your perfect vacation… “Because Travel Matters”

Customer Service
Many big name sites have a phone number you can call into.  Some even make it easy for you to find it, but what they don’t provide is everything else.  You don’t get the one-on-one personalized planning we provide, the phone calls requesting for early arrival, late arrival or even possible upgrades that come standard with every booking we make…  “Because Travel Matters”

Peace of Mind
Finally, your travel agent is there for you before, during, and after your trip. And that bonus peace of mind comes at no extra charge. So, where have you been considering? A tropical island? Mexico? A Mediterranean cruise or tour of Europe? Simplify your decision-making by contacting Childs Travel today…  “Because Travel Matters”