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Orihuela truly has something for everyone. Excellent beaches, impressive natural expanses, unrivalled golf courses combine to create the landscape of the poet Miguel Hernández. The town's rich history and cultural heritage includes many areas listed as Assets of Cultural Interest, traditional festivals, and a varied gastronomy.

Miguel Hernández Poet

Miguel Hernández Gilabert was born in Orihuela in October 1910. He studied in the Ave María schools attached to Santo Domingo College and in the college itself until he abandoned his studies to work with his father. The first of his many poems was published in 1930. He later voluntarily enlisted in the Republican militia, and was later sentenced to 30 years in prison for revolutionary activity. His works are beloved by locals and visitors alike.


The rich culinary traditions of Orihuela combine produce from the land and sea, transforming time-honored recipes into works of art and culture. Some of the most traditional dishes include cocido con pelotas (stew with meatballs), arroz de las tres pumas (rice stew with three types of pulses), rice with vegetables, rabbit, shellfish, and more. Salted fish is a key ingredient in many local dishes, and the area is known for its high-quality sausages. The local artisan sweets, with their Arabic origins, are carefully preserved in the enclosed convents and never fail to delight visitors. These treats include zamarras, pasteles de Gloria, meringues, and tarta de Santa Clara almond cake. Orihuela boasts a diverse array of restaurants where you can savour these delectable dishes, offering a complete and varied culinary experience.


Do & See

Orihuela boasts an extensive artistic and historical heritage, making it a destination of great cultural interest. With numerous museums, churches, palaces, and monuments, visitors can immerse themselves in the city's rich traditions. The vegetable plantations of Orihuela highlight the area's agricultural prowess. Fertile lands, cultivated by various cultures throughout history, characterize this quintessential farming region. The beaches of Orihuela are renowned for their quality and have earned numerous certifications from organizations and institutions that oversee and maintain quality standards. These recognitions include Blue Flags, "Q" tourist quality certificates, SICTED distinctions, Qualitur Flags, and ISO certifications for Quality and Environment.


In Orihuela there are a great variety of shops, where you can find all the things you can need. From shoes, clothes (for women, men, children), even evening dresses, to food, electrical household appliances, furniture, opticians, toy shops, photography, tobacconist's, greengrocer's, newsagent's, computers, baker's, cars, sport shops, florist's shops, travel agencies, ice-cream palou, hairdresser's...and so on. Come to Orihuela and you will enjoy throughout the town by going shopping. And do not forget any of our shopping centres!!!