Galapagos Encounter: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

07/02/2023 through 12/18/2024
07/02/2023 through 12/21/2024
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Grand Queen Beatriz

Galapagos Encounter: Central Islands (Grand Queen Beatriz)

Encounter the Galapagos on a sailing voyage that takes in the very best of the central islands. Rub shoulders with the local wildlife as sea lions, iguanas, giant tortoises and exotic birds of all shapes and sizes go about their daily business all over this wild slice of paradise. Go snorkelling in the presence of mighty manta rays and lively turtles, and see tropical fish fill the surrounding water with fluorescent colour. Experience firsthand the natural, rugged landscapes of the Galapagos, and see what Charles Darwin saw when he arrived on the isles more than 180 years ago and began formulating his theory of evolution. Prepare to get fully acquainted with the natural wonder of these far-flung islands on this breathtaking Galapagos Encounter.


  • Isla San Cristobal – Highlands Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Santiago – Sullivan Bay – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Bartolome – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Bartolome – Snorkelling (1.5 hours)
  • Isla Bartolome – Panga ride (30 mins)
  • Isla Santiago – Puerto Egas – Walk (1.45 hours) – Wet Landing
  • Isla Santiago – Puerto Egas – Snorkelling (1 hour)
  • Isla Sanitago – Espumilla Beach – Snorkelling (45 mins)
  • Isla Sanitago – Espumilla Beach – Walk (1.5 hours) – Wet Landing
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Research Station (1 hour) – Dry Landing


  • As you board your vessel, M.Y. Grand Queen Beatriz, and follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, you will encounter nature at its finest.
  • Explore the islands from on deck, on foot and in the water, no doubt with your eyes open for your next unique sight.
  • Sea lions and iguanas await you at Plaza Sur and Santa Fe, whilst in San Cristobal you meet the grand-daddy of the Galapagos – the giant tortoise.
  • A hike on Bartolome offers panoramic views across some of the other islands, showcasing the dramatic volcanic landscape. This is indeed the Galapagos journey with something for everyone.


Day 1 Quito
Day 2 Quito - Isla San Cristobal
Day 3 Bartolome - Bahia Sullivan
Day 4 Isla Santiago - Espumilla Beach - Buccaneer Cove - Puerto Egas
Day 5 Isla Santa Cruz - Quito.
Day 6 Quito

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